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With the cloud-managed services sector projected to reach US$164 billion by 2027, here’s a look at the 10 top cloud security companies. As companies increasingly look to cloud computing as a means to expand, modernise and stay competitive, they are also exposing themselves to new risks. Cloud transformation and remote working have changed how security needs to work, with new measures needing to be taken. You can rapidly deploy these products to offer comprehensive cloud security that requires enormous investment to build in-house.

Microsoft (MSFT) Sales Top Estimates as Cloud-Computing Growth … – Bloomberg

Microsoft (MSFT) Sales Top Estimates as Cloud-Computing Growth ….

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Also, it consists of a wide range of services, the cloud-based tenable-io platform; this includes container security, web application and managing assets. Forcepoint cloud security solutions’ key differentiator is Dynamic Edge protection, a cloud-native solution functioning as a complete Secure Access Service Edge. It secures data, web, cloud and network through zero-trust network access and advanced threat protection.

Microsoft CSPM and Cloud Network Security

Okta has had its challenges, including some issues with breaches, but remains well positioned for the important identity and access management (IAM) and zero trust markets. It offers a unique value proposition as a quick and easy way for organizations to get started implementing zero trust. With easy to use, deploy and manage products, Okta continues to attract security buyers, with revenues expected to grow 41% this year to $1.83 billion and a long-term expected growth rate of 25%. In addition to IAM and zero trust, the 14-year-old San Francisco-based company also made our top network security and single sign-on lists.

  • A bad actor can abuse this process by issuing a massive volume of HTTP/2 requests, which can overwhelm the targeted system, such as a website or application.
  • Forcepoint offers a suite of services through its Forcepoint ONE platform to help protect cloud databases.
  • This includes the need to adopt DevOps and DevSecOps for both pure cloud-native companies and hybrid ones with both cloud-based and on-prem infrastructure.
  • As a result, cloud security is becoming a leading priority for a greater number of partners, customers and vendors in 2023.

The platform also provides continuous security monitoring, vulnerability assessments, malware detection and patching capabilities. GenAI applications can make vast sources of internal and external information accessible to business users, which will significantly democratize knowledge and skills in the enterprise. Large language models let enterprises connect their workers with knowledge in a conversational style with rich semantic understanding. Bart Willemsen is a VP Analyst with focus on all privacy-related challenges in an international context, as well as on ethics, digital society, and the intersection with modern technology including AI.

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The company you choose must also provide the necessary features for a seamless cloud security experience that protects your confidential information in a holistic manner. The central values of Akamai are Enterprise Threat protection and Enterprise Application access which operate as centralized consoles of other cloud security companies. It will offer high visibility into all aspects of your network and excellent protection from a wide range of attacks. In addition, it simplifies all tasks that are essential in maintaining a stable security posture. Symantec comprises multiple cloud security functions such as CASB and workload protection. As a business unit including cloud security was acquired by Broadcom, and it will be undergoing numerous shifts.

top cloud security companies

The company’s solutions are designed to provide visibility and control over applications, users, and content, helping to reduce the risk of a data breach. GoodFirms is here to aid you with a list of cloud computing security service providers that you may hire. Cloud security solutions provider is a quickly developing branch of customary IT security, which incorporates data shielding from burglary, information leakage, and erasure. In such markets, it becomes difficult to discover a trust-worthy cloud security service provider which have enough experience in the field.

Malware communications and data exfiltration

For instance, the suite of Sandblast products offers companies best-in-class security from zero-day threats despite their place of origin. It is possible to automate the sandboxing, extraction and sanitization of various types of files. Cloud visibility, monitoring, and alerting are core capabilities of the Threat Stack Cloud Security platform. The real differentiator for Threat Stack, however, is the platform’s focus on identifying cloud intrusions and then working with different tools to remediate the threat. A key differentiator for Netskope is its CloudXD technology, which provides contextual detail about activity that can be used by enterprises to better understand risks as well as overall cloud usage.

top cloud security companies

You can easily set up, but you will enjoy a wide range of opportunities by finetuning the tool to your company’s specific needs. Trend Micro goes beyond threat protection to offer virtual patching for vulnerabilities, thus limiting the risks within the shortest time possible. You can codify the security using templates that meet the security requirements and then deploy using CloudFormation templates.

Threat Stack Cloud Security platform

The company’s platform can manage cloud data protection by identifying and classifying sensitive data, establishing control over data access and providing continuous monitoring to detect risks. Businesses store more data in the cloud than ever before, with the global cloud storage market surpassing $100 billion in 2023. While cloud servers are more secure than traditional servers, they still have their flaws. A Venafi study found that over 80 percent of companies were hit by at least one cloud security incident in 2022. That’s why cloud security companies are defending businesses’ data with a slate of cybersecurity services.

top cloud security companies

That makes preventing employee error through measures like training and email gateways a critically important practice for reducing cyber attacks. User reviews have been very positive, and equally positive employee reviews suggest that KnowBe4 may be one of the best places to work in the industry. Growth has slowed to around 35% in recent quarters, but Wall Street analysts expect that to double in the coming years. KnowBe4 went private last year after being being acquired for $4.6 billion by Vista Equity Partners, so visibility into the company’s growth may be harder to come by going forward.

Cogility Software

As for the cloud security market overall, Gartner disclosed last week that it is expected to remain the fastest-growing area of security and risk management spending in both 2023 and 2024. Cloud security spending for 2023 is on track to climb 25.2 percent to $5.61 billion, year-over-year, before growing another cloud security companies 24.7 percent in 2024 to reach $7 billion, the research firm reported. Astra Security is the leading provider of cloud security to both cloud providers and customers alike. Its comprehensive vulnerability and malware detection make speedy remediation possible for any malware or vulnerabilities found.

Fidelis Cybersecurity acquired CloudPassage in 2021 to help create Fidelis CloudPassage Halo, a cloud security platform that provides automated security and compliance monitoring for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. It gives security teams an automated, unified platform for managing cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, servers, container applications, and workloads. The company also offers a range of network security solutions to extend that protection.

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A bad actor can abuse this process by issuing a massive volume of HTTP/2 requests, which can overwhelm the targeted system, such as a website or application. Solution providers such as CDW and vendors with a large partner base such as Barracuda and Cisco have been targeted by cybercriminals this year. We make security simple and hassle-free for thousands of websites & businesses worldwide. We make security simple and hassle-free for thousands
of websites and businesses worldwide.

top cloud security companies